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Month: April 2011

April Meeting

From: Robert Xu <robxu9@...>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 11:38:29 -0400
Hi all,

Next Meeting is currently set for 19 or 20 of April. If nobody reponds
to available times here , I
will assume 2PM EST. Deadline for submitting available times is

Meeting topic list also needs to be updated, see or bring it up on
#trinity-desktop by pinging Xu_R, samelian, kb9vqf, or MutantTurkey.
If you have write permissions, please alter the etherpad.

Trinity users are invited for input this meeting.

*AS ALWAYS*, meetings are in #trinity-desktop-meeting and the channel
is unlocked 24 hours before meetnig.

later, Robert Xu