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Month: October 2012

Trinity News Update for September 2012

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 01:46:23 -0500
Trinity News Update for September 2012

*** Trinity News ***

The final preparations for SRU are in progress. The official
release should
be announced within the upcoming days.

There has been some successful preliminary progress using Trinity on ARM

*** Enhancement Requests Fulfilled ***

549   knetworkmanager needs rewrite for network-manager API 0.9 and higher
611   xz support in konqueror
1195  Desktop icon 'My computer'

*** Formal Bug Reports Resolved ***

178   ISO files should double-click open with kio_iso
482 request
521   Trinity networking breaks with network-manager 0.9
632   Keramik window decoration does not work
672   kmymoney crashes on startup
763   KControl: Pressing the Apply button always stops the Media Notifier
1063  Build issue: #error "Only <glib.h> can be included directly."
1109  Build issue: Cannot choose QtCurve style
1178  KHelpCenter Application Manuals Missing 3.5.13-sru
1198  kmymoney crashes on start
1212  programs cannot talk to klauncher
1223  Keramic theme is broken
1228  Konsole as SuperUser
1235  Kmail: Occasional endless loop with IMAP checking

*** Other Bugs Resolved and Patches***

Commit No.  Description
==========  ===========

2712dc64    [tdebindings] Fix build on Ruby 1.9.1 and 1.9.2.
6b4b40b1    [knetworkmanager9] Remove spurious files and configure checks
c5e51f86    [adept] Fix FTBFS
d2480b90    [tdelibs] Fix pictbridge camera detection. Add new device
matching rules
5feb80c8    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
467f30f2    [experimental] Fix TQt3 compile time checks
b1346b88    [tdelibs] Correctly parse cpuinfo on ARM devices
b0b8e4ed    [koffice] Add missing file
1e3ae086    [koffice] Fix FTBFS
2d502174    [knetworkmanager9] Remove spurious hal check
cc278836    [koffice] Attempt to make kross compile with Ruby 1.9.x
4eb88cc2    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix a few graphical glitches
095f615a    [amarok] Fix FTBFS on x86 systems
58823f36    [tdebase] Add sanity checks to the migratekde3 script before
trying to
run certain sections.
44273426    [amarok] Fix format not a string literal security error in
d9227e46    [amarok] Fix build system for ruby >= 1.9
5828c385    [tdelibs] Fix TDEHW crash when cpufreq not available
c2fb6050    [krusader] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
e09b1f3d    [tdepim] Fix the addquotes/removequots functions in libkmime
8ade4e21    [k3b] Update libisofs to read files greater than 2GB
1f33dc8f    [tdebase] Attempt to minimize the time in which new
notifications are
displayed before being hidden
57f5c069    [tdebase] Lower override redirect windows instead of unmapping
them on
lock start. Restore lowered windows on lock exit
b59fdf2c    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix QtOctave failure and MDI pixmap
4f0b6320    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Attempt to work around Qt 4.8 bug in
fromX11Pixmap when masks are converted
553923b2    [tdebase] Forcibly prevent transient override redirect windows
showing up over the lock screen
a901a123    [tdebindings] Fix FTBFS on x86 systems
10fc891a    [tdebindings] Fix Ruby detection when .pc file is ruby-1.9
2f6e9c73    [tdebindings] Fall back to ruby-1.9 pkgconfig file if needed
2b324e26    [kdpkg] Fix QString -> TQString.
f3d9fa8c    [kerry] Fix QString -> TQString.
2b39cdb5    [knetworkmanager9] Fix QString -> TQString.
78196c12    [knetworkmanager8] Fix QString -> TQString.
9ee1344e    [kpowersave-nohal] Fix QString -> TQString.
1b4d7e54    [kbfx] Fix QString -> TQString.
3a60e3ce    [potracegui] Fix QString -> TQString.
e827f8d5    [tdesvn] Fix QString -> TQString.
688d0e84    [kvpnc] Fix QString -> TQString.
0b1f7817    [kpowersave] Fix QString -> TQString.
4b5d02a2    [kbookreader] Fix QString -> TQString.
013e6b26    [kmyfirewall] Fix QString -> TQString.
5bf9c2d7    [basket] Fix QString -> TQString.
58664773    [ktorrent] Fix QString -> TQString.
718b3af0    [kipi-plugins] Fix QString -> TQString.
3c352d5e    [koffice] Fix QString -> TQString.
1c60648f    [k3b] Fix QString -> TQString.
31784539    [tdesdk] Fix QString -> TQString.
95248100    [tdepim] Fix QString -> TQString.
685de864    [tdewebdev] Fix QString -> TQString.
70a3c0d9    [tdevelop] Fix QString -> TQString.
d513bace    [tdeedu] Fix QString -> TQString.
75bf0c9d    [tdetoys] Fix QString -> TQString.
3d2141c8    [tdeartwork] Fix QString -> TQString.
9a680e5c    [tdenetwork] Fix QString -> TQString.
492b084f    [tdeadmin] Fix QString -> TQString.
1474ae14    [tdemultimedia] Fix QString -> TQString.
c4d066ff    [tdeutils] Fix QString -> TQString.
eef9817d    [tdeaccessibility] Fix QString -> TQString.
249c80de    [tdebase] Fix QString -> TQString.
5242023c    [tdelibs] Fix QString -> TQString.
47414903    [koffice-i18n] Rebranding of Krita as Chalk
933690a7    [tde-i18n] Rebranding of Krita as Chalk
0fef2b78    [tdebase] Rebranding of Krita as Chalk
9e0a5e72    [tdelibs] Rebranding of Krita as Chalk
7d8cc6ed    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix potential crash when TDE
integration is disabled
efdff81c    [admin] Allow build to proceed even if is not present
def58d42    [tdebase] Update migratekde3 script to partially resolve bug
report 1210
6f0ebd61    [tdeaddons] Fix xz support in konqueror context popup menu.
01c61997    [tdelibs] Make KFileDialog fit on the screen when a large
filter string
or URL is provided
03e93296    [tdegraphics] Use poppler pkg-config information when running
2fcd8b3d    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix corrupt application name and crash
on exit
4623775a    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
1faf4cf7    [qt3] Fix focus rectangle drawing on external paint device
b9daa01a    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Add widget cache and fix checkboxes and
db0c7b24    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Speed up theme engine
2b586b80    [tdelibs] Fix Asteroid spinbox hints
2624ef7e    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix spinbox rendering
3c83d427    [tdelibs] Fix Asteroid spin widget hints
a3ae879d    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Split out TQt3 to Qt4 conversion
methods into
separate file
8b7e1160    [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Fix a number of problems and check for
broken Qt4 version
dc14a278    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
be8d88ee    [qt3] Fix focus rectangle fill when brush is set on call to focus
rectangle paint method
05fe2bdd    [tdelibs] Fix spinbox widgets
14594d81    [tdebindings] Fix FTBFS on ruby 1.8.x
ef7a6086    [tdebindings] Fix FTBS on ruby 1.9.x
46659f99    [tdebindings] Set HAVE_RUBY_1_9 if ruby 1.9.x installed
c1faffb8    [tdebindings] Use cflags from ruby pc file
de49c748    [tdebindings] Detect presence of Ruby pkg-config file and adjust
directory search accordingly
186ceec0    [knetworkmanager9] Show VPN status information
92fcdec6    [tdelibs] Add VPN status flags and signals
94881634    [knetworkmanager9] Clean up the code slightly
8be09fcc    [tdelibs] Fix VPN load and save
646dfb2d    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
e43d1ae2    [qt3] Fix FTBFS on Linux from recent UUID enhancement
b99db6aa    [knetworkmanager9] Reactivate strongswan VPN plugin
60bf9a13    [knetworkmanager9] Reactivate openvpn plugin
3c57e87e    [knetworkmanager9] Reactivate PPTP plugin
0fa003ad    [knetworkmanager9] Fix VPN settings dialog
c27ceace    [tdelibs] Detect available VPN plugins
2027fb3d    [knetworkmanager9] Reactivate VPNC plugin
441c9f02    [knetworkmanager9] Start work on vpnc plugin
330644c8    [knetworkmanager9] Fix VPN plugin API
475d0894    [knetworkmanager9] Reactivate basic VPN support
e7af2039    [tdelibs] Fix crash on VPN load
2df5ea4a    [knetworkmanager9] Fix wireless bargraph menu layout problems
0a3b1be6    [tdelibs] Add a couple of needed methods to the
network-manager backend API
2b5b314c    [knetworkmanager9] Fix movie loading
4be2fb85    [knetworkmanager9] Add various movie sizes
8bf5213c    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
093bfb82    [qt3] Use high quality uuid_generate on Linux instead of PRNG
f1cea7f8    [cmake] Install mng icons as well as png and svg icons
d62684de    [tdelibs] Add valids map
2ac42d4b    [knetworkmanager9] Fix default device handling and clean up code
b5bdfd2c    [tdelibs] Extend API to include default device(s)
323fad1f    [knetworkmanager9] Add connection editing support and clean up
the code
edc41514    [tdemultimedia] Added default global shortcuts for kmix
69038478    [knetworkmanager9] Use BSSID instead of storing APInfo
pointers internally
642f2270    [tdelibs] Add requisite MAC address comparator for use in
TQMap objects
083f3b3b    [knetworkmanager9] Fix new connections
7d8a74d0    [tdelibs] Automatically generate UUID when needed
df590f5e    [dbus-1-tqt] Reset error object to succesful state in async calls
4f60eb94    [tdelibs] Generate a default UUID when a connection is created
756213b4    [knetworkmanager9] Additional rebranding
2a9e4eac    [knetworkmanager9] Connect hardware change signals
d45f99e1    [tdelibs] Fix ap infinite loop and disable debug spew
83e3ac03    [tdelibs] Add AP monitoring support
a1f084dd    [tdelibs] Add additional network event signals
6a2462e3    [tdelibs] Make Invalid a flag
1a6fd0df    [knetworkmanager9] Store UUIDs and UDIs internally instead of
to connection and device objects
e064a2e4    [tdelibs] Add loadConnectionAllowedValues method to global
network manager
671940a2    [tdelibs] Add new signal to tdehwlibrary
10cd918b    [knetworkmanager9] Rename icons
06534a8e    [knetworkmanager9] Additional branding updates
6b96deb4    [tdelibs] Add global network management event signal
42966fe6    [knetworkmanager9] Remove more KDE references
82102f3f    [knetworkmanager9] Rename files to something more sensible
d4509922    [knetworkmanager9] Now compiles with new API
96765c9d    [tdelibs] Add additional network methods
9dce2088    [knetworkmanager9] Convert config widgets to new API
4e6c7c0e    [knetworkmanager9] Rearrange files again
6dbc7e59    [tdelibs] Add new convenience functions to network manager
fed6fccc    [knetworkmanager9] More API porting
c5bbf78c    [knetworkmanager9] Remove additional obsolete files
3f528887    [knetworkmanager9] Remove unneeded connection files
26cdc6b2    [knetworkmanager9] Convert various wireless elements to the
0216dae7    [tdelibs] Make access point notifications more extensible
60ee06f2    [tdelibs] Add friendly ssid function
8f5ad894    [tdelibs] Ensure that an inactive access point is reported as
d4745d88    [tdelibs] Add wireless AP detect signals
d3cfdd24    [tdelibs] Populate wiFiDeviceInfo
4c698087    [knetworkmanager9] More conversion to new TDE API
fe3dbd6e    [tdelibs] Add active connection UUID to device
86febbf3    [tdelibs] Add connection to device lookup routines
9265fa10    [knetworkmanager9] Remove more unneeded files and start
conversion to
TDE network API
495b5680    [tdebase] Fix links in Konqueror launch page.
50a9b042    [tdelibs] Add more descriptive
TDENetworkGlobalManagerFlags::BackendUnavailable type
aaaec8b3    [tdelibs] Add global networking state control
8c96ed26    [gwenview-i18n] Update docbook headers and nominal branding
322ce9a8    [gwenview] Nominal branding updates to support gwenview-i18n.
082adfa5    [knetworkmanager9] Attempt to reorganize the directory structure
c25624f6    [tdebase] Use a pretty mount path if possible
adea4c59    [tdelibs] Fix pmount when special characters are requested
c881335c    [tdebase] Fix incorrect removable device icons
5a2c0651    [tdelibs] Fix removable device classification
d36f6096    [tdebase] Fix TDEHWLib media backend user device labels
1aff95bf    [tdebase] Fix missing Mounting dialog in device icon
Properties when
TDEHW is used rather than HAL.
d4708f71    [tdelibs] Add cellular modem settings
24eca025    [tdebase] Add some error traps to the r14-xdg-update script.
589db866    [tdelibs] Add bluetooth, olpcmesh, etc.
2c0153b9    [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
6c72a84e    [qt3] Fix slider draw hang
821d7de7    [tde-style-qtcurve] Revert style and class names to QtCurve.
on Qt3.